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Amongst being the first job site in the UK to offer a free CV search engine for employers, bringing tremendous benefits to job seekers through increased exposure and employers with productivity enhancements, we also offer innovative features. Scroll down to find out.

Customised Profile

We provide the opportunity for employers and job seekers to provide engaging and accurate profiles of themselves giving each other the best impression enabling good relationships to build on the basis of trust, shared values and common interests. Whether you are an employer, or job seeker, get started by registering on GoFindMe today.


The ability to communicate securely, openly and without any middle men is an unusual possibility, but we have made this a reality with our messager. Two-way communication can only be established by the job seeker accepting an invitation from an employer, keeping privacy and security as a priority. We put you in control.

Demonstrates Commitment to Equalities Act 2010

Using Go Find Me as part of your recruitment process demonstrates you are seeking employees on experience and skill set rather than being clouded by subconscious decisions like sex, age and ethnicity. Having a system for automatically doing this allows you to hire staff that are chosen on what your business requires thus attracting potentially better workers.

Confidentiality and

Job seekers benefit from the reassurance of having a truly anonymous and confidential profile when appearing in search results and applying for jobs on GoFindMe. This enables us to attract a wider range of job seekers making us the perfect choice for employers to post jobs. It's a great way for employers to prevent unconscious bias from creeping into the decision process, contributing to a reduction in gender, age and racial discrimination. It's a win-win for all.

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